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Financial Aid Estimator

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The AID Estimator exists to help you plan for college expenses, estimate aid you may receive, and determine what your monthly payment "might be" should you attend CCC. It is neither an offer nor a guarantee, but a tool to use in your college search. It is not an application for financial aid.

The Aid Estimator uses statistical modeling to estimate awards. Supply actual results from the FAFSA or a FAFSA estimator [] to compute a more accurate award. Forty percent of our students qualify for Pell Grant.   More info...

The Aid Estimator is programmed for use by new freshmen who will graduate from high school in 2014 and will enroll in college full-time in the fall of 2014. It will not accurately compute aid for transfer, international, special, or non-degree seeking students.

Please contact the Financial Aid Office with specific questions.