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Spiritual Distinctive

The mission of Clearwater Christian College can be summarized in this phrase: Gospel Centered Education for Life. This sentiment is supported in every aspect of the college. It is our heart's goal to speak the Gospel into the lives of our students in hopes they will allow it to transform their lives and motivate their service for their Savior while enrolled and afterwards in local church and global ministry. Below is a description of specific areas of campus life where this is attempted.


Chapel is an integral part of the CCC experience. Typical services include a time of praise through singing, special music by students or invited guests, instruction and encouragement from the Word of God, or testimonies by students or special invited speakers. Currently, services are held Wednesday through Friday each week. Click Chapel Messages to view recent and archived messages.

Church Attendance

Clearwater Christian College sees involvement in a local church assembly a key element of the spiritual growth process. Students will be expected to associate with a church whose doctrinal position is consistent to the foundational tenants of the Bible and communicated in the college's doctrinal statement. At the same time, the College respects the diversity of opinion within the larger body of Christ over matters of polity, practice, and doctrinal preferences.

In selecting a church to attend, students will be instructed during orientation and in early chapel services on the characteristics of healthy churches and will be encouraged to make final decisions in concert with parents, home church pastors, and legitimate spiritual mentors. At the start of each new school year, students will be given ample time to identify the church they will attend continuously during the year. Regular reporting processes help the college assist with this Biblical mandate in the student's life, evaluate the offerings of local assemblies for CCC students, and provide ministry outlets and assistance.

Christian Service

Over the years, religious liberal arts and Bible colleges promoted a program of Christian Service based on Biblical mandates and educational training objectives. Required assignments and reporting processes produced challenges that often obscured original intents. Some participants even equated activity with spirituality. The Bible teaches that our service to the Lord should precede out from our walk with Christ. This should affect how we respond to people and needs in our immediate communities and local church. A growing Christian will be one found in service to their Lord.

Our program for Christian Service first focuses on stressing the principles of the Gospel by clearly articulating its meaning and challenging its fullest to captivate our lives. We then direct students to first employ the natural response of service through opportunities available to them in their local churches. The local church provides the a complete program of training, opportunity, support, and follow-up required in the mandate to 'make disciples'. In addition, the College hosts appropriate sessions to equip servants of Christ as needed and create specific service opportunities for practice and ministry as needed. These may be ongoing ministry within the college family, to local and extended communities, and occasional specific outreach events. There is no required reporting, however, the opportunity to share how God uses our willing hearts is given in special testimony times, praise and worship sessions, chapel, and residential devotion times.

I found CCC online when I did a web search for a small, Christian college with Air Force ROTC. CCC was one of the very few in the nation that fell under all three of these qualifications. Once I had found the college and started looking at it more closely, I found that many people I knew had friends or family here. Life at the college is amazing. It is small enough to get to know everyone which is exactly what I wanted. I pay for some of my bill by working on campus. My job is to help with breakfast and lunch preparation. Being an ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corp) student makes my life a little more difficult than normal; however, our classes are the best. Over all, my favorite thing about CCC is the mission opportunities that are available to students. Almost every day students participate in some sort of mission. It's a blast and you're working for the Lord!