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Livingston Elected Chairman of the Board of Financial Organizations

Mr. Randy Livingston, Vice President for Financial Affairs at Clearwater Christian College, was recently elected as the Chairman of the Board of Independent Colleges and Universities Benefits Association, Inc. (ICUBA) and Florida Independent Colleges and Universities Risk Management Association, Inc. (FICURMA). Both organizations are independently managed conglomerates that offer health care plans, providers, and insurance packages to member colleges and universities. Mr. Livingston has been with both agencies since their inception and has served each organization in many capacities including Secretary, Treasurer, and Vice Chairman.

Mr. Livingston said, “The role of Chairman is a leadership responsibility that offers great growth venues and allows me to interact with very talented people from across the State in other ICUF institutions, as well as those in significant roles in private industry. Consequently, that opportunity benefits me both personally, and also in the role that I play here at CCC.”

In his responsibilities as Chairman of the Board, Mr. Livingston will help oversee the operation of the corporation in the broadest sense, generally at a policy level. Included in this responsibility are the approval of rates, major vendor selections, and strategic direction of the organization as a whole. Among others, the main goal of his term as Chairman will be to rightly and timely respond to the National Health Care legislation recently enacted.

Mr. Livingston anticipates a successful term as Chairman of the Board for ICUBA and FICURMA. In addition to his plans for the organizations, he is looking forward to the benefit that these appointments will have for CCC. “The position adds to my responsibilities,” he said, “but since we as an institution directly participate in ICUBA and FICURMA, the benefit is for our College.”