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Casarow’s New Music Certification Raises the Bar

Dr. Pattye Casarow, professor and chair of the department of music at Clearwater Christian College, recently completed her Level III certification in the Orff approach to music and will continue to implement these skills into the music education program. The Orff approach to music education was developed by Carl Orff, a German composer, and his colleague Gunild Keetman in the 1920’s. It emphasizes creativity in improvisation and composition, movement, drama, speech, and the use of child-appropriate instruments in learning. The music department will greatly benefit from Dr. Casarow’s diligent pursuit of this elite certification.

Certification in the Orff approach involved three levels and six weeks of intense classes. As well as a variety of specialized topics, classes included pedagogy, recorder, movement, composing, and arranging. Dr. Casarow completed Levels I and II at the University of South Florida in 2004 and 2005, but due to the lack of availability of Level III, she had to wait until this summer to complete her certification at Arizona State University.

Dr. Pattye Casarow
"The purpose for getting my Orff certification is because the more I know, the more I can share with my students,” said Dr. Casarow. “I use this training in the Elementary Music Methods class, and also when advising our Music Education majors in their practicums and internships.”

In addition to the Orff approach, Dr. Casarow is certified in the Kodaly approach to music education, a similar program that involves singing, movement, and developmentally appropriate musical activities for children. She is a member of AOSA (American Orff Schulwerk Association) and OAKE (Organization of American Kodaly Educators), the national organizations that work in conjunction with the Orff and the Kodaly approaches to music education.

The music education program at CCC utilizes both methods of instruction, and teaches students how to effectively implement these systems of education into their classroom experiences. The department owns several music instruments specific to these systems including contrabass bars; bass, alto, and soprano xylophones; soprano and alto glockenspiels; an alto metallophone; drums; and several non-pitched percussion instruments to be used in Elementary Music Methods and Teaching Art and Music courses.