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Come Bow Before the Lord: CD Now Available!

The music department of Clearwater Christian College is pleased to announce the release of its newest musical CD, Come Bow Before the Lord. A collaborative effort by the College Choir, Cantorum, Orchestra, and select musicians, the CD will be a wonderful addition to any library.

This musical compilation seeks to glorify the name of our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. Above all, the musicians, soloists, and conductors involved in this production desire to engender praise within the hearts of Christians across the world. In keeping with Philippians 2:9, we invite you to join the CCC musicians as they “confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.”

Popular selections including Worthy is the Lamb and Speak, O Lord are combined with new favorites such as I Dare not Call Him Lord and There is a Higher Throne on this journey through the musical adoration and praise of God. In addition to the inspiring collection of sacred melodies, the glorious hymn, Holy is He is presented in a spectacular arrangement of solo, duet, and choir portions.

If you would like to purchase a CD for $10, please contact the Campus Store at 727-726-1153 extension 603 for more information. View samples of this cd and other CCC musical compilations.

The following individuals participated in the production of the cd: Nathan Allen, Jessica Allman, Wesley Andrews, Nicole Atkinson, Carolos Audi, Jillian Blackwell, Ryan Blakemore, Ahna Boley, Timothy Bryant, Joclyn Bullington, Jonathan Casarow, Pattye Casarow, Joel Dahl, Liz Ennis, Blake Fox, Walt Freytag, Phil Golson, Mackenzie Gotcher, Luke Harding, Daniel Henry, Josh Hoag, Joshua Horine, Bethany Kaplan, Bethany Koloch, Lauren Langley, Meagan Langley, Sarah Lent, Jared Lewis, Michael Martell, Austin McCoy, Lauren McCoy, Nathan Nieri, James Owens, Nate Perrie, Beth Perry, Joshua Quinn, Craig Ralston, Laura Schick, Shaun Stimson, Matthew Terrill, Richie Verano, Felicia Weber, Bryana Wescott, Joanna Wiedeman, and Naomi Williams.