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Lovik Elected President of Archaeological Society

Lovik dirty from a dig
Karin Lovik, student life technical assistant, was recently elected president of the Central Gulf Coast Archaeological Society, a 101-member chapter of the Florida Anthropological Society. In addition to her presidential duties, she serves as CGCAS Membership Chair. The CGCAS is dedicated to preserving the natural and historical resources of Florida’s gulf coast and preserving archaeological treasures for future generations.

Her duties include: running board meetings, announcing special speakers and working with the board to establish calendar events, ensuring the smooth working of the chapter, and governing the board and committees. Currently, the CGCAS is undergoing laboratory work for the Bay Shores Homes Project and is working in conjunction with the Florida Public Archaeology Network at the Driftwood site in St. Petersburg. They also work with the Boy Scouts of America for completion of merit badges and projects.

An active proponent of biblical creationism, Karin views this promotion as an opportunity to witness of her Creator. “I praise God that He is using my love of archaeology as a mission field. The people I interact with may otherwise never meet a Christian. I strive to demonstrate to them the life of a full-time servant of Christ.”