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Student Led Service at Local Church

In April, a group of CCC students took part in a special service at New Testament Baptist Church, Largo, FL, and helped reawaken a faded tradition. CCC alumni, Anthony and Jennifer Wilson are the leaders of V.I.T.A.L., the college and career class at NTBC. “V.I.T.A.L. stands for Very In To Active Living for Christ,” said Anthony. “We want to give the college class as many opportunities to serve in the church as possible. A large number of the students serve in teens, AWANA, children's church and other ministries.”

In the past, NTBC regularly held a second semester student-led service where the college class ran the entire evening service—from offertory and choir, to preaching and invitation. Currently, CCC students serve in many different capacities throughout the church and NTBC has faithfully preserved their mission of reaching college-age young people for Christ, but over the past several years, their annual tradition of a student-led service had fallen by the wayside. After getting a burden to start the service up again, Anthony spoke to Pastor Matthew Trill and made it happen. Pastor Trill said, “We love the opportunity to minister as a church home to students who have followed the Lord’s direction to Clearwater and this service proved to be an exceptional experience. The congregation responded well, and many members have commented about the blessing they received from the ministry of our students.“

Sean Geer, Andrew Wells, and Megan Creech shared their testimonies for the church body. According to Anthony, “It was an excellent opportunity for the church family to get to know them better. Sean's testimony was especially challenging as it illustrated how the Lord can and will use us if we are where we are supposed to be. Andrew's testimony was special to New Testament because Andrew's youth pastor is Ethan Woodward, a graduate of Clearwater that worked with the youth at New Testament while attending CCC. Megan spoke of how she graduated from CCC in December and how the Lord clearly directed her steps to stay down here and work at a local public school.”

In addition to the testimonies, T.C. Fowler and Ben Pereira each brought a 15 minute message to the congregation. In a perfectly mirrored pair of messages, T.C. spoke on what we are in Christ—God's servants, God's children, God's conquerors—from Romans, while Ben spoke on what God is for us—our Sun and Shield, our Giver of grace and glory, and our Provider of good things—from Psalms. The congregation was incredibly blessed by the two messages and many hearts were touched by the sincerity of the preachers.

Anthony Wilson approached the service with the intent to let the students step up and be used of God. “I could go on and on about how much each person did to make it such a special evening service,” said Anthony. “It was an awesome night. I have put it this way with many people, "God hit a home run!" I know that He always does, but the Lord did something special on Sunday night. By His grace and to His glory, every aspect went perfectly together—from the music to the testimonies to the messages! I consciously chose to avoid collaboration on what would happen. I simply prayed for and chose the music and order of service. The Lord did the rest and brought the whole thing together. I have never seen anything quite like it.”

The following students were involved with the student-led service at NTBC:

Melissa Mull - Choir & Ensemble
Anna Smith - Choir & Ensemble
Mary Germano - Choir & Ensemble
Nathan Nieri - Choir & Ensemble
Lauren Langley - Choir & Ensemble
Dan McDade - Choir & Ensemble
Bryana Wescott - Choir & Ensemble
Jessye Pisani - Choir & Ensemble
Micah Youman - Usher
Rebekah Nix - Choir
Sarah Geer - Choir
Sean Geer - Choir & Testimony
Andrew Wells - Usher & Testimony
Ben Pereira - Choir & Preaching
T.C. Fowler - Choir & Preaching
Makensy Supre - Usher
Katelynne Dixon - Choir
Stephen Van deLinde - Choir & Usher
Kristen Howell - Choir
Rebekah Monhollen - Choir
Katelynn Volpe - Choir
Daniel Moore - Choir & Usher