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KAX, SGC, and ZAX Claim Intramural Titles

The Greek Intramural Athletic season has come to a close with many exciting moments. Intramural Director Josh Wilmore said, “The Intramural Sports program is designed to provide an opportunity for students to participate in different sports throughout each semester. Volleyball is played in the Fall semester and Basketball is in the Spring. We do play regular season games during the semester, and also have a playoff system in which each Greek gets to compete for the championship. Games are typically played Tuesday-Thursday nights from 8:30-10:30.” The season end put women’s Greek KAX taking first place in both volleyball and basketball, while men’s Greek SGC took first in volleyball and ZAX in basketball.

Emma Kile, president of KAX, said, “The girls in our Greek just wanted to have fun during the Greek games. We encouraged as many people to show up as possible, and it worked!” Intramural games are enjoyed by players and spectators alike. ZAX member Nik Will said, “We came to each game with minds mentally prepared and left everything out on the court.”

Not only do the games provide a much-needed break from studies, but also help foster unity within the Greeks. Bobby Plank, president of SGC, said, “We wanted to play hard and use teamwork to defeat our adversaries, as well as glorify God throughout the entire season, on and off of the court.” The Greeks put in a significant number of hours in practice and preparation before the games—preparation that created intense matches and exciting play.

Winning players from ZAX, SGC, and KAX include but are not limited to: Wes Andrews, Aaron Baird, Jarrod Bergey, Pablo Carpenter, Braden Dollar, Kyle Domingos, Ethan Gotcher, Jeremy Hale, Daniel Henry, Kameron Kandefer, Joel Kelley, Josh Lassiter, Andrew Lawson, Kyle Legrecht, James Maguire, Jared Myerly, David Price, Bobby Plank, Jeremy Sanchez, Bryan Spears, Todd Wahlberg, Nik Will, Andrea Bailey, Madeline Pruett, Britani Ricker, Jessica Bayes, Julie Teekell, Christine Chorney, Nicole Goff, and Kyla Collins.