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Causeway 2010 Dedicated to Faithful Professor

Dr. Phil Larsen and his wife Beth
On April 21, the CCC Yearbook, Causeway 2010, was dedicated to one of our faithful faculty members. This year’s edition holds a special dedication to Dr. Phil Larsen, professor of education, director of field experiences, and chair of the Division of Education. Dr. Larsen is a popular professor on campus; all his students not only enjoy his classes, but also look to him as a role model for their future classroom demeanor. Senior education major Sarah Geer said, “Dr. Larsen has taught us so much. We are so privileged to be learning from someone like him. He makes us want to be the best teachers that we can be.”

Dr. Larsen's daughter and son 'n law (Dan and Christy Wareing) kiss him after their graduation from CCC.
Dr. Larsen has been a part of the CCC family since 1990 and has served in a number of roles, including professor, dean of men, vice president for administrative affairs, and the supervisor of the former “proctor” system. According to the 2010 yearbook, “Dr. Larsen has shown a commitment to the ministry of the college on every level.”

Dr. Howard Mattice
The Causeway 2010 also holds an honorarium to our beloved Dr. Howard Mattice, who went home to be with the Lord during the Spring semester. Dr. Mattice joined the CCC faculty in 1990 after 29 years in various posts in the public school system of New York City. After a brief retirement in 1999, Dr. Mattice returned to CCC in 2002 as a part-time professor of education and history.

In addition to the tribute, the Causeway 2010 also quotes Dr. Mattice’s vision statement: "My heart's desire is to see my students mature spiritually, intellectually, and socially. I want them to become beacons for Christ in this present spiritually-darkened world. Teaching at Clearwater Christian College has fulfilled my dream of being a member of a community of Christian scholars and students whose common purpose is to serve our God. My passion for teaching stems from the joy of observing students increase in faith and knowledge as they prepare for their chosen life's work.”