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Tithing of Your Blood?

Clearwater Christian College has always been an active supporter of the Florida Blood Services, but during the last Blood Drive, the students, faculty, and staff that gave blood went above and beyond the normal call of duty. Historically, CCC gives approximately 60 units of blood at each drive and the medical team always comments on the pleasant spirit and compassion of the donors. This month, CCC raised the bar and donated 64 units of blood, no small feat for the 62 members of our campus family that participated.

According to the Florida Blood Services website, one blood donation by one donor can save the lives of up to three patients. In today’s world, physicians and medical personnel have determined that nine out of ten people who live to age 70 will require a blood transfusion at some point. Florida Blood Services Corporate Communications Manager Daniel Eberts said, “We are very grateful to your Clearwater Christian College donors for giving blood. With a total of 62 donors, we would estimate that 186 lives have been saved or sustained.”

Mr. Eberts likens the act of donating blood to that of tithing. Because donors can give only 10% of their blood, he says that it is a ‘Good Samaritan’ act of “tithing our blood.” He said, “[Giving blood] is a simple Christian act of caring for others that doesn’t cost us anything more than a little time to give others a lifetime. [Personally], I have [had to] overcome my aversion to needles. As long as I remember, just before the needle is inserted, I think of Jesus being nailed to the cross and that makes my brief discomfort pale by comparison. He gave His lifeblood for me and I am only sharing mine.”

CCC typically hosts two blood drives each semester. “Being involved in a Blood Drive shows that we care about our community and that we want to do what we can to save lives. With all the Blood Drive staff that is involved in supplying two busses to make giving blood convenient, we have had plenty of opportunity to introduce them to our campus and to present a positive testimony for our Lord,” said Dr. Sandra Pratt, dean of women. “The Florida Blood Service likes to come to our campus because our blood is usually very good. We give a very high percent of ‘useable’ blood because our students have not ruined their bodies with things that would affect their health or taint their blood.”

The Florida Blood Services encourages both one time and regular donations. According to the FBS website, healthy adults, who are at least 16 years of age and weigh at least 110 pounds, may donate one unit of blood every two months. Since the average adult body contains approximately 10 pints of blood, it can certainly be viewed as a “tithe of blood.” Clearwater Christian College is proud to be an active supporter of the life-saving mission of donating blood.

Plan ahead and mark your calendars for the upcoming CCC blood drives with Florida Blood Services. Become a regular “tithing” donor! Blood Drive hours are from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the following dates: September 22, 2010, December 8, 2010, February 9, 2011, and April 12, 2011.