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ROTC Cadet Observes Aircraft Refueling

Jedidiah Sturgis (middle)
On March 26, sophomore ROTC cadet, Jedidiah Sturgis, took part in a USAF training mission. He had the privilege to fly on an Air Force KC-135 refueling tanker as part of an orientation flight for the detachment. The opportunity to observe the KC-135 is a unique experience, as the aircraft refuels other planes while in the air. Originally scheduled to refuel the C-7, a large cargo aircraft, they were able to refuel fifteen A-10 Warthogs instead. During the four-hour flight, cadets were able to talk to the pilots and ask questions about the technical aspects of this exciting Air Force job. Jedidiah rode behind the center console between the pilot and copilot during take off.

A-10 Warthog plane refueled

He said, “Overall this was an enjoyable trip and I would do it again in a heartbeat!” An Information Systems Management major from Roswell, Georgia, Jedidiah plans on becoming an Air Force fighter pilot after graduation and commissioning as a 2nd Lieutenant. The experiences that he gained during this mission will carry him towards that dream.