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Founders’ Banquet Success

In response to the overwhelming success of the 2010 Founders’ Banquet, the staff and faculty of Clearwater Christian College echo the sentiments of the Psalmist, “I will sing unto the LORD, because he hath dealt bountifully with me” (Psalm 13:6). The bountiful blessings of the Lord were seen by all in attendance at the 20’s Reunion and Founders’ Banquet on March 6. Dr. Arthur Steele, founder, Dr. George Youstra, president emeritus, and Dr. Richard Stratton, president, were joined by alumni, staff, faculty, friends, family, and current CCC students in giving praise to God for His miraculous goodness.

The banquet weekend began on Friday evening with an inspirational reunion of alumni and family. The first ever 20’s Reunion was attended by CCC graduates from the first 20 years of Clearwater Christian College (1966-1986). After a delicious meal, alumni shared a time of “catch-up” by hearing testimonies of what God has been doing over the last twenty years. Dr. Steele’s 90th birthday was also recognized during the testimony time.

During his testimony, Dr. Steele said, “I can’t tell you what this ministry has meant to me. Often [over the years] I was asked two questions: one is, ‘If you had to do it over again, would you?’ Of course my answer is yes. It is all because of the will of God. The second question is, ‘Now that you have so much time on your hands, what is your goal?’ My goal is to study the Word of God as King David did in the book of Psalms. I forget so much, but your testimonies tonight [will be kept close to my heart] and they will be a constant blessing to me. Stay in the Word of God.”

The Founders’ Banquet began at noon on Saturday, March 6. The program was well-received and guests were blessed to hear the stories of alumni from all over the world. Priscilla Cartwright(’72), Joe Olachea (’78), and David Altman(’86) told of how God had blessed their lives since the time of their graduation. The CCC Cantorum Choir provided special music for the banquet and kept the room in smiles as they sang of the grace of our Lord. Sophomore Ahna Boley, a member of the Cantorum said, "Singing at the Founders’ Banquet is great way to not only show our appreciation as students to those who donate to and founded CCC, but also it enables them to see what programs their donations go towards."

Vice President for Institutional Advancement, Terry Wild gave a short presentation of the Founders’ Day Project—the renovation of a men’s residence hall (Merritt’s Hall). He said, “What an encouragement to hear alumni share their testimonies of how God used CCC in their lives. I’m so thankful to those who faithfully support us in our efforts to help young people grow in their faith. I look forward to 20 years down the road—Lord willing, we will hear testimonies of how our current students were impacted by this administration, faculty, staff, and the many donors who sacrificially give to CCC.”

Make sure to plan to attend the 2011 Founders’ Banquet. Watch the Campus Events Calendar for forthcoming dates, times, and locations. We look forward to seeing you there!