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Clearwater’s Own Shoots for the Stars

One of Clearwater Christian College’s finest, 2nd Lt. Brooke Begemann, USAF, is pursuing excellence in the clouds, but is destined for greatness among the stars. The 2009 Bachelor of Science (mathematics) graduate is currently pursuing her dream to become a NASA astronaut.

“The military is the route I’ve chosen to obtain the quality pilot training, leadership skills, and physical fitness needed to meet basic qualifications before applying to NASA for selection into the Astronaut Candidate Program.” Brooke believes that God has called her to be a witness within the USAF and ultimately NASA. She is a dedicated soldier and a strong witness for her faith. “I love being a part of the Air Force, even if it is another step towards my end goal. I have always been proud to be an American, and am thrilled to serve.”

The daughter of godly parents, she was taught at a young age to follow God’s will for her life. Through her long years of ROTC, she has held on to the wise words of her father: “God has given you your own unique identity that perfectly matches His own unique purpose for you… and when your identity meets His purpose, it’s called God’s perfect will. It means a life of glory to Him and blessing for you.”

CCC was a step towards her goal, but Brooke recognizes God’s hand in drawing her to our school. “CCC was absolutely instrumental in helping me get to where I am today, not only academically, but also spiritually and socially. I am thankful to have had 3.5 wonderful years there.” Her mathematics degree will also help her in the logistics of USAF training and NASA preparations. During her tenure at CCC, she received the Scholars Award through the USAF ROTC and led the Joint Leadership Command unit at USF for the Spring, 2009 semester.

Inspired by the story of Rick Husband, Commander of the space shuttle Columbia, she knows that God has His hand upon her life and is guiding her in the direction that He has planned. “God has allowed me to keep chasing my dream [of becoming an astronaut], while using every step of the way for His ultimate glory. Regardless of our vocation, we all have the same purpose and mission as believers—that is, to share Christ and glorify God with our lives. That’s what I’m striving for whether it leads to the stars or not.”

We’re so proud of you, Brooke!