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Twenties Reunion A Blessed Event

The first-ever Twenties Reunion featuring individuals from the first twenty years of the college was held March 5-7, 2010 on the college campus. Over 75 faculty, staff, administrators, board members, and alumni, along with spouses and other family members from those early years participated in either or both the Remembrance Dinner held Friday evening and the Founders’ Banquet on Saturday at noon.

The weekend started with a number of alumni coming on campus Friday for an official tour from 1974 Alumnus Brian Johnson who currently works in the college’s admissions office. The biggest challenge for this group was to remember where things ‘use to be’ when they were students. That evening we enjoyed a wonderful dinner prepared by our CCC Food Service Department in the Cathcart dining hall and then all proceeded to the chapel for the program, including a CCC Trivia game, video clips and photos from the past, and testimonials from almost everyone in attendance. The evening concluded with a tribute to Dr. Steele and a rousing word of encouragement from our Founder who in June will turn 90 years old.

Other alumni and former staff joined us on Saturday at the Founders’ Banquet. 1981 Alumnus Perry Cunningham opened our event with prayer. Three other alumni representing the 60’s (Priscilla Cartwright), 70’s (Joe Olachea), and 80’s (David Altman) decades gave testimony of the impact of the college on their lives, ministries, and families. Everyone who attended commented on how much they enjoyed seeing one another again, how encouraged they were to see the college staying true to the founding purposes, and how much those who were unable to attend had missed.

One unique blessing of our weekend was the good representation of graduates from the Bahamas. Perry Cunningham arrived earlier to speak in chapel to the student body on Thursday, March 4. His message from I Corinthians 10:13 will probably go down as one of the students’ favorites from this semester (go to to download). Cecile (Cartwright) Albury, Shevorne (Thompson) Avery, Priscilla (Beverly) Cartwright, Christine (Brice) Ellis, Judy (Penn) Robinson and Ancenette (Wallace) Shepherd joined him later that weekend.

Look Who Attended

Cecile (Cartwright) Albury – 1990
David and Teresa Altman-1986
Shevorne (Thompson) Avery – 1993
Joanna Barch-2004
Priscilla (Beverly) Cartwright - 1972
Perry Cunningham – 1981
Kris DeWitt-1987
Christine (Brice) Ellis – 1982
Sharon Rose Enterline - 2007
Joy (Morell) Ferkel – 1968-71
Brian and Elaine Johnson – 1974
Jeanne Johnson - 1983
Diana Joss-1989
George and Kim (Melius) Kisacky – 1980
Jim and Betty (Woodward) Lehan – 1978
Carl and Beth Martin-1977, 2008
Nancy (Norris) Metzger-1982
Tim Norris-1988-89
Jim and Lyndie Olachea-1980
Joe and Kim Olachea-1980
Frank and Jasna Partridge-1989
Craig and Becky(Appleton) Peters-1978
Ben and Karin (Steele) Puckett-1976
Judy (Penn) Robinson-1987
Gary and Vicki (Seitz) Sharits-1985
Ancenette (Wallace) Shepherd-1991
Gary and Lynn (Fleming) Smith-1975, 1980
John and Beth (Duran) Sparks (1978)
Trent Stallings-1969
David and Phyllis (Kauffman) Steele-1971
Jon and Bea (Speer) Steele-1974, 1980
Linda Stortz-1988
Perry and Patricia (Cruz) Tibbetts-1979
Bob and Bea (Near) Wade-1968
Dan Wareing-2002
Ben Weaver - 2008
Michael Werner-1980
Bobby and Karen Williams-1984
Ken Winright-1973-75

Faculty, Staff, Administration, Board
Luann Bradshaw
Bob and Helen Carver
Bill and Karen Davis
Wilbur Eifert
Gaylon and Karen Johnson
John Kruhmin
Jean Macfarlane
David and Betty Norris
Ed Oliver
George and Ginny Reynolds
Larry and Joyce Satmary
Norman Spotts
Arthur Steele
Elizabeth Werner

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