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Students Show Support for FRAG

Florida students show their gratitude for the FRAG.
Imagine what would happen to private higher education in Florida if the state did away with the FRAG (Florida Resident Access Grant). In todayís economy, every state legislature is trying to cut costs in light of declining revenues. Many legislators lobby for their cause or against anotherís. For this reason, former CCC President Dr. George D. Youstra traveled to Tallahassee with seniors Michael Kleer of Miami and Music Brunetto of Clermont to meet with state legislators to stress the merits of the FRAG. They were joined by other students and representatives from ICUF (Independent Colleges and University of Florida) schools throughout the state. It was important for these state senators and representatives to put a face with one of the many programs that may fall to the cutting floor at budget time. From its beginnings in 1979, the FRAG emerged as a $750 grant and peaked to $3,000 annually in 2008. While the amount may seem insignificant to the whole cost of oneís education, its disappearance may mean the difference between being able to attend college or not.

Music Brunetto left Tallahassee impressed with the need to alert residents to let their representatives know how they feel. ďThe FRAG has been tested and tried over the last few years. After 2008 the FRAG began to take cuts as the Florida economy struggles. The issue is very pressing because Florida legislators have discussed the possibility of removing the FRAG altogether. The FRAG and its recipients are in danger and your support is needed. Sending a short letter or email to your hometown legislators, or even the governor, could be a great influence and a tremendous help.Ē

Those who wish to take Musicís advice are encouraged to contact their representative (if you are uncertain: go to and send them a short note thanking them for the FRAG and telling them what it has meant to you. Hearing these stories can make a huge difference. When a legislator receives a letter from a constituent that is directly impacted by the FRAG, it can have a much bigger impact than hearing it from other politicians.

Governor Charlie Crist with a number of students who receive the FRAG including two CCC students Michael Kleer (second row, third from the right) and Music Brunetto (Gov. Christís immediate right)