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One Step Closer to Her Goal

In December 2009, CCC Psychology Professor, Dr. Kris DeWitt, moved one step closer to her goal of publishing an in-depth study book about the value and necessity of forgiveness. In conjunction with VDM Publishers, Dr. DeWitt has published Finding Freedom in Forgiveness, the intellectual foundation for her future book.

“I published this book because it is an off-shoot of my dissertation. In all my years of counseling, I noticed that people harbor bitterness and carry heavy loads when there is no need to be burdened down with such weight,” she said when asked about her book. “We need to learn the value of forgiveness. Forgiveness is a lovely idea...until you have something to forgive. Forgiveness may be costly, but the payoff includes a wonderful sense of freedom.”

“It is interesting that forgiveness is something we gratefully receive from others, often times more than something we freely give to others. But choosing not to forgive imprisons us in the past and locks out all potential for change. In fact, harboring resentment and bitterness hurts us more than anyone else. Consider this: When a person has been hurt and chooses unforgiveness; it is like drinking a poison and hoping the other person will die. Forgiveness is a journey that may be lengthy and may be costly, but it is a journey worth taking. Whatever forgiveness costs us, unforgiveness costs us far more.”

Dr. DeWitt has blended her educational background, professional experience, and community workshops into a detailed course on forgiveness. She periodically conducts classes on this topic at Starkey Road Baptist Church, Seminole, Florida. Even though her schedule is full of speaking engagements and classes, she always has time for her students. “My office is always open for anyone who needs to talk.”

The purpose of Dr. DeWitt’s recent publication is to support her forth-coming book and supply the intellectual basis upon which she will build her case for forgiveness. For more information about Finding Freedom in Forgiveness, please contact Dr. DeWitt at