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Students Present Communication Projects

Lonzo Saunders, Emilie Klinger, and Travis Freeburg
It has been said that one of the best methods of communication is to “Seek first to understand, then to be understood” (Stephen Covey). At Clearwater Christian College, three seniors have spent four years seeking to understand the complexities of communication and are now ready to launch their careers within the fields of Public and Private Relations. On Thursday, December 3, Travis Freeburg, Lonzo Saunders, and Emilie Klinger presented their senior Communication Arts projects in a three-part senior seminar.

The seminar began with an audio-visual presentation by Travis Freeburg that highlighted the basics of Audio Visual Production in the twenty-first century. “It’s great to have something to research and love at the same time.” Travis defined AV Production as “videotaping, editing, and distributing a finished video product to the consumer.” With a family history of photojournalism, videographers, and public communications, he is building a successful audio-visual business through word-of-mouth in the Tampa Bay community. His resume’ includes wedding videos, video captures for the college, and fine arts event videography.

Following Travis, Lonzo Saunders presented an informative essay presentation about Sports Journalism. As a sports journalism intern at The Tampa Tribune, Lonzo received first-class training in writing for athletic events and about sports figures. He is thankful for the opportunity to work for the Tribune because it will open doors for his future employment. Beginning with an in-depth look at the beginnings of sports journalism following World War II, Lonzo defined each job within the journalistic world. Our society depends upon sports journalism because, “without sports journalism, you wouldn’t know who was who in the sports world.” He hopes to launch his career within the industry after graduation.

Emilie Klinger was the last Communication Arts major to present a senior project. Emilie gave a fascinating speech about the inner workings of public relations. “Public Communication is the broad term for public relations. It is communication between an organization or company and its receiver.” Emilie chose PR as her major because of a lucrative internship in the Public Relations Department of the City of Safety Harbor. Her responsibilities included representing community opinions, press releases, newsletter contributions, and graphic design work. She desires to enter the field of public relations on the governmental level after graduation.