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Faithful Service Recognized

Every year, the administration, faculty, and staff of Clearwater Christian College pause to acknowledge the commitment of fellow employees. During a week of annual preparation for the coming school year, several CCC employees were recognized for their faithful service, six of whom were presented with 20-year Service Recognitions. This year recipients include the following faculty and staff:

For 20 years of service

Dr. Kris DeWitt
Professor of Psychology

Dr. Vickie Denny
Chair of Department of ESS

Mr. Frank Partridge
Associate Professor of History

Dr. David Richter
Professor of Psychology

Mrs. Pat Youstra
Associate Professor of Business Education

Mrs. Sue Olsen
Library Technical Assistant

For 15 years of service

Mrs. Linda Grieves
Food Service

Miss Karin Lovik
Student Life Technical Assistant

For 10 years of service

Mr. Tony Rendina
Food Service

For 5 years of service

Dr. Carl Martin
Associate Professor of Bible

Mr. Ryan McNamara
Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Mr. Dan Wareing
Annual Fund Director

Mr. Bill Vasser
Lead Developer and Database Administrator

Mrs. Dorothy Brown
Steele Hall Secretary

Currently, CCC has 122 employees who have ministered a total of 1,105 years. Excluding 2009 new hires, the average length of tenure at CCC is 10.14 years. 34 faculty and staff members are CCC alumni and 28 are parents of graduates. God has blessed the college with faithful men and women who are willing to spend their lives in the service of the next generation.

Congratulations to the 2009 Service Recognition recipients!