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New Criminal Justice Partner

Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Mary Draper announced that Clearwater Christian College has partnered with the National Forensic Science Technology Center (NFSTC) in nearby Largo, FL, to supply practical, hands-on experience for students studying Criminal Justice. Since its formation in 1995, NFSTC has been serving the justice community in evaluating, auditing, and improving forensic services in crimes labs throughout the United States and internationally. In recent years, NFSTC has completed key projects for the National Institute of Justice including training programs in crime scene investigation, footprint/tire track identification, and latent print examination, and assistance in resource management. This partnership will be helpful as forensic science taught in the CCC classroom is experienced live at NFSTC using the latest and best equipment, techniques, and NFSTC scientists. Such partnerships indicate CCC’s willingness to provide the best instructional opportunities for our students.