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Governor Encourages Florida Students

In an open letter released this month to Florida students receiving the Florida Resident Access Grant (FRAG), Governor Rick Scott commended them for making the commitment to better themselves, their families, and their futures by pursuing higher education. In his letter, the Governor refers to his own experience of growing up in a financially challenged household but utilizing the resources of higher education to make a difference in his own life as a successful businessman and leader in our state.

The response from the Governor is a timely one in light of growing concern over limited budget dollars and the desire of some legislators to reduce or eliminate financial aid funding such as the FRAG. Supporters of the FRAG contend it not only helps needy students, but it is essential in strengthening Florida’s economy as many of these graduates remain in the state to live, contributing through gainful employment and service in their communities. While the FRAG does not in itself bring tuition down to the same level of students attending state universities, it does make a significant contribution assisting those who turn to the private sector for their undergraduate training. In essence, the Governor is recognizing the ‘extra-mile’ commitment that FRAG recipients make in reaching their dreams and aspirations and encouraged them to ‘stay the course’ during these challenging financial days.

Over 30 years ago the Florida legislature authorized a tuition equalization grant which in 1994 was renamed the Florida Resident Access Grant. The non-need based program was designed to assist eligible Florida residents who attend qualified private Florida colleges and universities. In recent years, the FRAG disbursement has fluctuated around $2,000, often dropping as legislators struggle to meet the state financial challenges. Approximately 50% of Clearwater Christian College students are Florida residents, making this program an important source of financial assistance. We thank the Governor for his recognitions of all FRAG recipients, but especially our students attending CCC.

To read the letter for yourself, click Governor Scott A letter of thanks for his encouragement and support may be timely for those who have benefited from this source of financial aid assistance.