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New Entrepreneurship Minor!

Clearwater Christian College is pleased to announce the addition of a new Entrepreneurship minor to the business division! Entrepreneurship is one of the fastest growing disciplines in business education. Graduates that possess a minor in entrepreneurship will enter the business world with a viable plan to launch their own career and will be prepared to face the unique challenges of creating and owning their own business.

“Entrepreneurship is a word a lot of people talk about,” said Ian Duncan, chair of the division of business studies and professor of accounting and business. “Entrepreneurship is being able to identify opportunities within a business environment and putting them together to launch a new business venture.”

Not only do successful entrepreneurs possess discipline, drive, and innovation, Dr. Duncan explained that there is a difference between innovators and entrepreneurs. “Innovators have technical smarts,” he said. “Not all innovators are entrepreneurs, but all entrepreneurs are innovators. Entrepreneurs connect the skills that they have developed to a market opportunity.” From there, entrepreneurs forge new paths and ventures within the business world, thus creating jobs that benefit the national and global economy.

When students graduate from CCC with a minor in entrepreneurship, they will have viable business plans for their own successful ventures. “Upon graduation, the student will have thought through the whole business process,” said Dr. Duncan. “If seniors graduate with a business plan, when they walk across the stage to receive their diplomas, they are not only receiving a degree, but also a plan to launch their career.”

One of the courses included in the minor, Business Plan Development, includes detailed instruction for future entrepreneurs. Critical elements of their business plans will include industry/market analysis, clear opportunity and concept identification, a target market analysis and marketing plan, a comprehensive human resource plan, financial pro forma analysis, as well as statements of sources and uses of funds, and an assessment of critical risks.

Not an impersonal textbook-presenting professor, Dr. Duncan is well qualified to present classes about entrepreneurship. Published in several journals, he wrote two series of articles on the topic of creating a business venture from scratch. His written work has appeared in CMA Magazine, the official publication of The Society of Management Accountants of Canada, and Engineering Dimensions, the official publication of the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario.

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