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CCC Attends Alpha Chi National Convention

(top left - Emily Barker; top right - Laura Dunlap; bottom left - Michelle Weber; bottom right - Lydia Twigg)
With their faculty sponsor, Miss Kim Tanner, four members of the Clearwater Christian College branch of the Alpha Chi Honor Society will attend the 2013 National Convention in Nashville, TN, on April 4-6, 2013. The Alpha Chi National Honor Society is a prestigious college organization that admits students from the top 10 percent of juniors, seniors, and graduate students in all academic divisions. The National Convention will host college students from across the country and will be represented by colleges from eight regions of the eastern United States, including Texas.

"While we're at the convention, each student will present a paper or a fine arts piece before an audience of fellow Alpha Chi members, Alpha Chi sponsors, and judges," said Kim Tanner, assistant professor of English. "The presentations are divided into several different categories and are meant to give students experience presenting their work in an academic setting. The presentations consist of roughly 10 minutes of speaking and 2-3 minutes of answering questions from the audience." CCC students will present papers and/or performances in the Shakespeare, British Literature, World History, and Fine Arts Performance categories. Each presentation will be judged and evaluated.

Alpha Chi President and junior history major, Emily Barker, will present her paper entitled "The Benefits of Oppression." In this presentation, she will detail the systematic implementation of communistic and fascist ideas by many European and Asian governments. Miss Barker reveals important realities and strategies that should be adopted by more conservative republican and democratic administrations. Senior English major and Alpha Chi tutor, Laura Dunlap, will present her paper entitled "Devoted unto Death: Father and Daughter Relationships in Shakespeare's Tragedies." Her presentation dives into the relationships in King Lear, Hamlet, and Othello. Alpha Chi Vice President and junior music major, Michelle Weber, will perform the violin piece, Partita No. 2 in D Minor Allemade by J. S. Bach. Senior English major and Alpha Chi Tutor, Lydia Twigg, will present her paper entitled "Wuthering Heights: the Breaking of Boundaries" that describes how Emily Bronte's work advocates the breaking of societal and other boundaries in Victorian England.

In addition to attending the National Convention, the CCC Alpha Chi members and sponsor will also participate in networking and socializing activities in Nashville. They will also explore the famous sights of the city.