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AIG Recognizes Intern Lawson

Arthur Lawson, a junior Information Systems Management major at Clearwater Christian College, knows a thing or two about biblical creationism and web design. While the two are normally not linked, Arthur has found a way to incorporate a love for creation science with his IT skill set. 

Arthur Lawson-far right
As a three-time summer intern at the Answers in Genesis (AIG) headquarters in Petersburg, Kentucky, Arthur has gained real-world experience through AIG.

Moving up through the internship ranks, Arthur began his time at AIG as an unpaid intern, thankful to work with the web department for experience. “My Dad was an assistant pastor at Bible Chapel of Delhi Hills when I was a baby and we still keep in touch with a few people in the congregation. One of the members, Frost Smith, works in the web department; that’s how I got in the first year as an unpaid intern,” said Arthur. “The second year, they brought me back because they now knew and liked me, and had a job that I was qualified for. I applied for it and was officially accepted.”

With his first year of internship taken up with converting books into website-ready HTML documents and adding sermons to the devotional area of the website, Arthur learned the philosophy of AIG. During his second year, he worked on migrating articles from an outdated content directory to the current content management system.

“This year,” said Arthur, “they brought me on to the team once more, this time to help out with upgrading their web store. They needed additional help, and since I had worked with AIG the prior summers, I qualified as a top candidate for the position. I worked on quality control and entering product data and corresponding images and media, populating the frame that the web designers and developers were creating.”

In an update from Arthur’s father, Chaplain Ken Lawson, he said, “According to the Answers Update from September 2012, the AIG creation science ministry in Kentucky was given a national award, of which CCC student Arthur Lawson played a part. The article states that the website was picked by the 1,200 member National Religious Broadcasters as having the best ministry website.”

As a member of the web team that received this award, Arthur gives the glory to God. “I feel very privileged to work with such a great group of talented, highly-motivated people that love the Lord and also love what they do! That combination is unbeatable for a positive work environment and fostering productivity.”

After graduation, Arthur plans to work in web design/development in some capacity. He would love to work with a Christian ministry, but knows that God will open the doors necessary for his future career.