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CCC Participates in SGIC

Over Christmas break, Dr. Carl Martin, associate professor of Bible, took a group of Clearwater Christian College students to the 2012 Student Global Impact Conference held at Inter-City Baptist Church in Allen Park, Michigan, in conjunction with Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary. The purpose of this conference was to renew a global ministry mindset in the youth of our nation. This year’s emphasis was “Not Ashamed of the Gospel” and each speaker presented topics dealing with the central theme.

According to Dr. Martin, “The purpose of attending the Global Impact Conference was to challenge and motivate our students to invest their lives in missions work that is local church-based and biblically committed. We took students who were willing to sacrifice a week to invest in the pursuit of global missions.” The conference touched many lives.

Encouraging students to make a difference within their social networks, the Student Global Impact Conference championed the cause of outreach and ministry efforts with local, national, and global fields in view. Favorite CCC chapel speakers such as Steve Pettit and David Doran were included in the general session speaker list, while pastors and missionaries from around the globe presented workshops on a variety of mission-related topics.

December, 2011, graduate Mackenzie Gotcher said, “SGI was a great opportunity to rub shoulders with many other missions-minded college-age young people and to be encouraged by God’s sovereign work that continues to move forward throughout the entire world. The worship services were absolutely thrilling. There’s something truly awesome about a congregation of over 700 raising their voices together in worship.”

Jenna Aman, friend of CCC student and fellow conference attendee Anthony DeRosse, said, "The Lord blessed me with an incredible opportunity to attend the SGI conference this year. Through the workshops and the speakers, I repeatedly heard the Gospel and the practical application of taking God's message to a broken and sinful world. I was challenged to give any life plans I have for myself to God and follow where HE leads. Only in doing His work will I find joy. The worship and teaching was edifying and I look forward to returning in 2014, Lord willing!"

“Student Global Impact was a great experience for several reasons,” said Ethan Gotcher, a senior ESS major. “The biggest one for me was that it was a wonderful way to take a few days away from the regular routine and busyness of life and focus on the Lord. Especially in the course of a semester it is so easy to get overwhelmed by the many different stresses and pressures, and allow these things to narrow your focus and dampen your passionate love for Christ. As Christians we must be committed to doing all that we are able to re-kindle this passion as often as we can. SGI was a great way to do this for me. The services were an absolutely tremendous blessing. Hearing the voices of 700+ people praising our God, followed by excellent preaching from the Word, and time for reflection and prayer at the end; they were heart-thrilling to me. The conference stirred my heart to treasure Christ more dearly, to pray for boldness to speak the gospel, and showed me how much I still need the gospel to change my heart and life. As CCC students, we really had a great time together the whole trip. Most of us didn't know each other that well before we went, but it was another lesson that the bond we share in Christ is strongest when we as God's people spend time together centered around Him. This we need more of; in our churches, at our school, our whole lives long. I would strongly encourage any student to attend if they have the opportunity. May we be a people whose passion for our God's glory fuels our hearts to take the gospel to a world in need that they may behold Him for who He is. II Cor. 4:17-18

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