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Student Publishes Article in Historical Journal

Andrew Lawson
Andrew Lawson, a history major from Fort McCoy, WI, recently published an article in the Vermont Northland Journal, a monthly print magazine that tells the story of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. Having spent his summer as an intern for the Monroe County History Room and Museum, Andrew spent many hours with Mr. Jared Roll, curator of the museum. Andrew’s chief responsibility was to work with the Civil War artifacts, helping the museum prepare for the 150th anniversary of the war.

“This internship did not happen of my own initiative; I give God the credit for anything that has been accomplished,” said Andrew. “Ever since middle school, I have been an avid history buff and enjoyed reading and writing immensely. I have wanted to become a history teacher for years. During my interview, I was thrilled to discover that Mr. Roll attended a local church and was a believer! When Mr. Roll found out that I had a special interest in the Civil War, he gave me the job. Everything seemed to be providentially coming together!”

As his first official assignment, Andrew was tasked to write the summary of the Civil War history of Monroe County. During the course of his research, he discovered newspaper articles and online sources about Colonel William Wallace Robinson, commandant of a Wisconsin regiment from the town. “Colonel Robinson had been born and raised in Vermont,” said Andrew. “Since my Dad loves Vermont history, I told him about the discovery. He encouraged me to write a short biography of Colonel Robinson’s life, which he would then send to the Vermont Northland Journal. My article was accepted by them and published in the November edition.”

Andrew gives all glory for his publication to God. “God put me in the ideal place and helped me meet the right people, and my Dad gave me the idea of publishing. I hope that this is just the first step for me in using my ability to read and write history for God’s glory.”

Congratulations, Andrew!