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While You Were Out – Summer 2011

Once again, the CCC campus was far from undisturbed during the summer. After students pack up their belongings, say goodbye to friends, and head off to their relaxing summer plans, CCC staff and student workers kick into high gear. A number of improvements were made to the grounds and facilities over the course of the three month break.

The Cove
Some of the more noticeable changes have been upgrades to campus facilities: for example, all buildings were given a fresh coat of white paint—a feat that requires great fortitude in the hot, Florida sun; the resurfacing of the Cathcart patio that overlooks the Tampa Bay inlet; and the new stonework around The Cove. Most of these upgrades were completed by staff and student workers.

The new stonework outside of The Cove is a beautiful welcome to the recently updated coffee shop and student center. It boasts quality masonry that will provide outdoor seating and allow for easier access in the rainy season.

WEPA Kiosk
On the technological side of our summer upgrades, the school is now equipped with a WEPA (Wireless Everywhere, Print Anywhere) printing system. Students are now able to wirelessly upload documents and print to any one of three printers located in various buildings on campus. IT Director Kevin Gault, said, “The new WEPA kiosks provide our students with better quality prints (including color), more accessibility, and the convenience of printing from anywhere using their own computers.” Currently, printers are located in Easter Library, the Dambach computer lab, and the Dambach lobby.

On the educational side of things, CCC has unveiled two brand new minors. Criminal Justice (CJ) and Military Sciences have joined the growing list of minors available to our students. The minor in CJ will allow students to investigate the various aspects of crime, law enforcement, and prevention. This minor will expand into an academic major in the near future. The minor in Military Sciences is divided into four military divisions and will officially place the ROTC minor upon the student’s official degree.

Finally, the new institutional theme for the 2011-2012 school year of “Walk in Grace” was revealed during faculty and staff inservice. Dr. Stratton said, “Our theme this year is an extension of last year’s theme, Run to Christ. Our Lord has all the answers to every problem. He simply wants us to run to Him; then He provides the grace sufficient for everything in life. Our theme, Walk in Grace, is an ongoing focus on our utter dependency on Christ, both for salvation and sanctification. He is the source of all grace!”