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Christian Life Conference 2011

It is always good to be reminded that our Christian walk is a journey, not a destination. The Christian Life Conference is an opportunity for the CCC family to take a break from the busyness of the new semester and focus on ways to develop a deeper walk with Christ. Held August 29-September 1, CLC has been an incredible blessing to those in attendance.

This year’s speaker was Mr. J.D. Crowley, missionary to Cambodia. He and his wife, Kim, have spent 17 years in Cambodia as missionaries to tribal people groups. “In our time there, we have seen five people groups come to Christ. They have come from having no church to self-propagating the Gospel.” Currently in the States for the month of August, the Crowley’s have enjoyed the respite, but are anxious to get back to the field. They have six children, two of whom will return with them to Cambodia.

The topic of CLC 2011 was the parable of the Prodigal Son located in Luke 15:11-32. By redefining the term “prodigal,” Mr. Crowley has effectively transformed the story into a guide for walking in grace. “There is no essential difference between the older son and the younger son,” he said, while describing how no matter what we do, how we live, or view our Christianity, we are still sinners in the sight of a holy God.

“My desire is for CCC students and faculty to live in light of the parable of the prodigal son,” said Mr. Crowley. “If the parable truly reflects ultimate reality, it will affect the way students treat each other in the dorms, the way faculty treat each other, and the way we react when people are [disagreeable to us].”

Dr. Stratton is very appreciative of the topic of CLC 2011, as it mirrors the CCC theme for the year, Walk in Grace. He said, “My main desire for CLC is to start the semester with a clear focus on Christ and the Gospel. Everything we do here is to glorify Him, and we want to give special attention to that ultimate goal during our first full week of the semester.”

“J.D. Crowley has done a wonderful job showing us our problem and the solution. He has used the parable of the lost son in Luke 15 to explain both. Our problem is that we want the things God gives us, but we don’t want God. The solution is to repent, and God (the Father) will graciously take our shame and bring us into His family,” said Dr. Stratton.

I pray that those in attendance will take the truth and apply it to our walk, and live ‘parable of the prodigal son’ lives,” said Mr. Crowley.