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CCC Welcomes New Dean of Students, Todd Barton

Todd and Wendy Barton
The fall semester at Clearwater Christian College holds many exciting changes for students, one of which includes the addition of a new Dean of Students. Mr. Todd Barton, recently of Baltimore, Maryland, joins the CCC staff with high recommendations. Students can anticipate a fresh look at Student Life when they begin their school year.

“My passion is that I have the ability to make an impact,” said Todd. “I have a heart for student ministry. I hope to help CCC students get the realization that Christ is everything. He is supreme and is the only Audience we need to please. I find great satisfaction in glorifying Him.” Both originally from the Chicago area, Todd and his wife, Wendy, met in junior high, but “avoided” each other, as only junior high students can do. Continuing into high school, they maintained a friendship, but when the decision to pursue college arrived, Todd chose Northland Baptist Bible College (now Northland International University) and Wendy chose Pensacola Christian College; however, after a short time, Wendy transferred to Northland. After graduation in 1996, they married. Todd earned his bachelor degree in youth ministries, while Wendy earned hers in elementary education.

After the wedding, Todd and Wendy moved directly to Calvary Baptist Seminary in Lansdale, Pennsylvania. While at Calvary, Todd studied Hebrew with a fellow student and formed a strong bond that would lead to future ministry. “I met Ryan Dupee as we were both studying Hebrew. Nothing can bring you closer together than sharing the study of Hebrew!”

The Barton Family
(Todd, Wendy, Kaleen, Janel, and Garrett)
Upon graduation from seminary, Todd accepted his first pastoral position at Highland Baptist Church in Parkesburg, Pennsylvania, and remained in that capacity for three years. After a call to serve as the youth and young adult pastor at Arlington Baptist Church with Senior Pastor Ryan Dupee, Todd and Wendy moved to Baltimore, Maryland, where they served for seven years. Enjoying his ministry at ABC, he was surprised to receive a call from Ryan, now the vice president of student life at CCC, to take over the position as dean of students. Even though Todd loved being a youth pastor, God began to turn his heart toward a ministry at CCC; “I knew God was moving me to the next step,” he said.

With a total of ten years under his belt as a pastor and youth pastor, Todd looks forward to working with college students. “I want to help students realize that the workplace—whatever field they enter—is an opportunity to glorify God. Once a person gets that, everything else makes sense.”

Todd and Wendy have been married for 15 years and have three children, Kaleen (10), Janel (8), and Garrett (5). The Barton family is anxious to find out what “Florida living” is all about; they love the outdoors and are looking forward to biking, fishing, and camping all over Tampa Bay.

Students desiring to communicate with the Bartons now may do so by email at or check him on Facebook. We look forward to seeing how God will use Todd, Wendy, and the rest of the Barton family at CCC.