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CCC Team Ministers in Haiti

Immediately following graduation, a team of 16 Clearwater students travelled to Haiti on a mission trip led by Mr. Richard and Dr. Mary Draper, Vice President for Academic Affairs. Together with over 900 pounds of materials, luggage, and gifts, they travelled to Haiti on May 9. The goal of this ten-day trip was to serve in local schools, to give the gospel to Haitian children, to demonstrate the love of Christ, and to minister to missionaries Kathy Gouker and Alice Wise.

“What a privilege we have had to spend time with and get to know these wonderful servants of the Lord,” said Corianne, a 2011 graduate and member of the team.

“While we came to serve, we have also been served and ministered to on this trip. We are so thankful for the amazing opportunity God gave to each of us to come to Haiti to share His love with the dear people here and to leave a piece of our hearts in this land.”

In addition to sharing the gospel with their newfound Haitian friends, the team was able to help the teachers and missionaries at the EBAC Christian Academy and Orphanage of Cap-Haitien, Haiti. Each day, the group assisted in the school, taught in the chapel time, assisted in the clinic in the compound, and helped with work projects.

Once school was over, Vacation Bible School began. In the evenings, they helped students with homework, played board games, studied the Book of Philippians, or taught English conversationally. Additionally, Saturday was a full field day of outdoor games and water fun.

Dr. Draper said, “I think we touched every child’s life who lives at EBAC and many street children who just hang around. We played board games with them, completed Bible studies with them, and talked with them. We held their hands and loved them. My favorite memory is the children singing, ‘All I Ever Want to Be.’”

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