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ROTC Cadets Receive Recognition

Clearwater Christian College students and ROTC cadets Cassidy Sisto and Renee Crane received prestigious recognitions at the annual military ball this spring. These recognitions were awarded based upon their exemplary service and character by the leadership cadre at the Air Force ROTC Detachment 158 housed at the Joint Military Leadership Center on the campus of the University of South Florida.

Cadet Cassidy Sisto
Cadet Sisto was awarded the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association Honor Certificate. This award recognizes the junior class cadet at each detachment who has demonstrated leadership and achievement in academics. Colonel Robert Wright, Commander of Detachment 158, said, “Cadet Sisto is clearly recognized (formally and informally) as the Air Force leader at Clearwater Christian College, and is currently top of his class academically with nearly a 4.0 cumulative GPA.”

Cadet Renee Crane
Cadet Crane was awarded the Military Order of World Wars Medal. This esteemed award recognizes cadets who demonstrate a significant desire to serve the Air Force ROTC and the United States and greatly improve in the categories of military and scholastic excellence. Colonel Wright said, “Cadet Crane greatly increased her cumulative GPA by .6 in her first year, achieving over a 3.5. She has adapted very well to the military routine, but also is excelling rapidly in her leadership.”

Of the cadets, Colonel Wright said, “I would expect continued success as these two outstanding cadets pursue their careers in the United States Air Force.”