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Daryl Mullholand to Compete in Boston Marathon

On Monday, April 18, Associate Professor and Head Athletic Trainer Daryl Mullholand will be competing in the Boston Marathon. The world-famous Boston Marathon is the oldest annual marathon and one of the most well-known courses. According to the website, the Boston Athletic Association manages the race, sponsored by John Hancock Financial Services. Competitors train for many years to qualify for the 26-mile race.

After finishing with a strong time of 3:30:42 at the Tampa Bay Gasparilla Marathon in April, Daryl qualified for the prestigious Boston Marathon. “I would truly like to give praise to the Lord, for without Him I could do nothing,” said Daryl. “I was fortunate to qualify last year for entrance into the event, and now, after many months of training and countless miles, I am ready to ‘run the race.’”

“The Boston Marathon is a unique course with hills located at very tough spots,” he said when describing the terrain of the race. “An infamous hill called ‘heartbreak hill’ is situated at mile 19. The first 3.5 miles are downhill, so it tends to affect your thigh muscles because of the type of contraction. You must be patient on this downhill and not get caught up with going out too fast. Easier said than done, from what I’m told!”

Daryl’s marathon BIB number is 11918 and will be monitored through the AT&T Athlete Alert system. Long-distance supporters can watch his progress at the AT&T Athlete Alert link: Updates will be given at the 10k, half, 30k, and finish marks. Daryl will be in the second wave of runners beginning at 10:20 a.m., and he anticipates crossing the finish line between 1:45-2:05 p.m.

Daryl is requesting prayer for safety and strength through the race. “I am so excited for this unique opportunity to be a part of such an elite event—I am honored to represent Clearwater Christian College.”

UPDATE: Daryl finished strong with a time of 3:46:44. 24,338 men and women ran in the 11 Boston Marathon.