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Spring Break Camp Ministry

While most Floridians were planning vacations and trips to the beach, a team of students and staff from Clearwater Christian College decided to “sacrifice” their Spring Break to serve on a mission team to Camp Grace in Fairmont, North Carolina. Close to the heart of CCC, Camp Grace is run by alumnus Bobby Williams and is a regular summer stop for several faculty and staff members.

The Camp Grace team left Clearwater on March 12 and spent the week in ministry to camp staff. Their mission was two-fold: to complete maintenance projects on the campground and to visit public and Christian schools to teach Bible-related lessons to children in second through fifth grades.

Tom and Judy Cannon, both staff members at CCC, were the leaders of the Spring Break missions trip. “When it was made known that a missions trip was offered to help out a Christian camp, my wife and I jumped at the opportunity,” said Tom, registrar of CCC. “We split the group into two teams since we would be sharing nine teaching lessons at three public schools. The teaching took place inside a trailer called the “Rolling Chapel,” which was pulled up onto or near the school property.”

One of Camp Grace’s off-season ministries is to provide Bible instruction to public schools in their local area through the Released Time program. According to the camp website, “Released Time is a program through the public schools where with parental and school permission, the student is allowed to leave class once a month and attend a Bible class. Classes are conducted by CBM staff or volunteers.” Currently, Camp Grace serves in 31 schools, and teaches about 4,000 public school students each month. “I would estimate that we ministered to over 350 public school students and 100 Christian school students during our visit,” said Tom. “We know of at least 35 students that either accepted Christ or needed assurance of their salvation.”

Not only a teaching trip, the nine students also completed manual labor tasks at the camp. They had been given the responsibility to refurbish the putt-putt golf course on the campground. “Our group finally finished the golf course on Friday, which was a lot of effort since we had to clear off and remove all the leaves, and we had to remove all the gravel between all the golf holes. The golf holes had to be stripped down by removing the old weathered boards, and these were replaced by block that we glued down.

The team also stained much of the outdoor benches and the chapel at the lake, removed brush from a hiking trail, and we did other prep for the upcoming summer session.”

CCC exists to not only instill quality education in the next generation of leaders, but also to encourage ministry and service through missions trips like the week spent in service to Camp Grace. “Overall it was a very worthwhile endeavor, and it was great to aid another ministry trying to share the gospel of Christ,” said Tom.

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