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CCC is Going Green and Blue!

No, our colors are not changing. Clearwater Christian College is making its mark upon energy and water conservation in the Tampa Bay area. This year, CCC installed LaundryView, a new management program designed to reduce energy and water usage through regulating laundry facilities. All new Energy Star rated high-efficiency washers were also installed in each dorm. One of the features of LaundryView is that energy and water savings can be calculated every time a washer is started. Conservation is high on the priority list. Sophomore Arthur Lawson uses LaundryView every week. “It is incredibly helpful and saves time. LaundryView is much easier to use and more efficient than the past system.”

According to Mac-Gray Campus Solutions, the designers of the LaundryView system, “LaundryView connects laundry machines to the Internet and allows students to check the availability of washers and dryers from any web browser. LaundryView Text Alerts give students the freedom and flexibility to receive laundry notifications wherever they happen to be on campus.”

Senior Evan Hoyt said, “I often check online to see if the washers are empty before I haul all my laundry downstairs. It is very helpful because it also tells how long until a load is done. If a load ends up taking longer than the original time, I can just check to see how much time has been added to it before I even go downstairs. I have found the website to be very helpful.”

“I love the laundry view system,” said senior Melissa Johnston. “It is nice to see how much time is on the machines, so you don't waste time going down to get your clothes out before they are done. I also like how you can see how many of the machines are available for use.”

As of the first of the year, Emmons, Merritts, Steele, and Paden resident halls have saved a total of 36,324 gallons of water through the newly installed Mac-Gray systems. Clearwater Christian College is proud to do its part in the conservation of water.