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Message from Board of Directors

Over the past several days, many of our good friends, alumni and constituents have asked why Dr. Stratton felt called by the Lord to another area of ministry at this time, after nine wonderful years at Clearwater Christian College. With his permission, we are posting excerpts of a personal letter which he read to the Faculty and Staff, as well as the student body, on Monday, January 31.

Clayton M. Custer, Chairman
Donald W. Strange, Vice Chairman
Board of Directors

Ministry Transition

Several years ago, the Lord began the process of preparing my heart not only to accept, but also to identify, the time when my announcement of a ministry transition would be in the best interest of Clearwater Christian College. God has used the weaving together of many individual threads to bring me to the place of confident assurance that this is the right time for CCC to prepare for a presidential successor. Though I had been wrestling with this decision for several years, it wasn't until recently that I decided to share my heart with men I highly respect who know both me and the ministry of CCC well. The Lord, in His sovereignty, allowed a spirit of unity to develop as I shared my heart and sought their counsel, a spirit that has been ongoing as the explanation of my decision has continued to be expressed. Steps are being taken to organize a search committee to undertake the process of identifying a presidential successor, and the plan is for me to remain in this position until the end of the calendar year to help facilitate the smoothest transition possible.

When the Lord directed my family and me to CCC over nine years ago, there is no doubt in my mind that God had, in His sovereignty and graciousness, equipped me with the specific leadership gifts that were needed at that time. As I approach the beginning of my tenth year at Clearwater, I am overwhelmed with praise to God for how He has so graciously allowed this college to be strengthened and developed, often in spite of my feeble leadership attempts. God has allowed the solid fortification of the infrastructure; the implementation of a pervasive discipleship philosophy; the establishment of an effective and enjoyable camaraderie among the board of directors, administration, and faculty/staff; the successful reaffirmation of regional accreditation; the implementation of successful new undergraduate and graduate programs, with two more awaiting launching; and the development of an extensive master plan that has endured the grueling process of environmental approval at multiple levels. Most importantly, God has assembled a unique family of Christ-loving believers at CCC who are not only richly-equipped academically, but also who are actively growing in their understanding of what it means to love and live out the gospel of grace. Our administration, faculty, and staff come from diverse personal and educational backgrounds, a fact that has been highly significant in facilitating academic and spiritual integrity. It has allowed for a healthy and robust honing and challenging of thought, with innovative and fresh ideas being brought to each table of discussion.

I am both humbled and excited over the confident belief that Clearwater Christian College is now strategically positioned to be powerfully propelled forward. A unique niche has been carved that is offering entrance into a market of students who are desirous of a smaller-sized student body, regional accreditation, and solid academics in a culturally-relaxed atmosphere that exalts Christ.

I don't know where God will direct our family next, but one of the threads of consideration woven into the fabric of this decision has been a passion that's been developing within my heart not only to minister within a local church, but also to involve myself more strongly in missions. I'm not sure how God will choose to use these increased desires, but they have been growing increasingly stronger each year. Several ministry opportunities have surfaced, but no formal interview or candidate process has been initiated at this point.

I can't thank the Lord enough for the blessed privilege I have been given to serve you as the president of this college. It's been a difficult task beyond any capabilities of my own, but standing shoulder-to-shoulder with such amazing people has made it a genuine delight. I love this college family, and no words could ever adequately convey how much.

Let's pray and trust God to direct the right person, in the right manner, at the right time.

Richard A. Stratton