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Real World Internships

Clearwater Christian College seniors Justin Lewis of New Joliet, Illinois, and Matt Leahy of Dover, Florida, began their senior internships this semester. Justin is working in the field of Neurological Psychology alongside the students of Professor Emanuel Donchin at the University of South Florida. Matt is working in the field of Neurophysiology in conjunction with Bayfront Medical Center in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Justin Lewis
“I am working in the USF lab,” said Justin. “It is an honor to be a part of this competitive program.” Justin is working with the Brain Computer Interface (BCI), a cutting-edge machine still in development. According to the USF Psychology website, the BCI is an event related potentials (ERP) based tool that makes it possible for severely disabled individuals to communicate with computers using the P300 as a channel of communication.

After graduation from CCC, Justin hopes to begin graduate studies in either Neurological Psychology or Research/Experimental Psychology, specifically neurological injuries. “I would like to work with neurological injury because it appeals to me. It seems to be the future of psychology. In the field of neurology, I would like to help discover feedback that produces cures, not simply new drugs that only treat the symptoms rather than cure the disease.”

Matt Leahy
Matt is working in a similar field and has secured an internship with Dr. Frank, a physician working with patients in the brain and spinal cord unit of Bayfront Medical Center, St. Petersburg, FL. “When Dr. DeWitt [CCC professor of psychology and supervisor of department internships] asked me what field of psychology I was interested in, I told her neurophysiology,” said Matt. “I love neurophysiology because to me it is the perfect blend of psychology and biology.”

After the suggestion of Dr. DeWitt to intern with Dr. Frank, Matt applied for an internship and was accepted based upon his desire to study neurophysiology. His internship will be made up of 100 hours of hands-on training with his supervising medical doctor. “I shadow Dr. Frank as he works with patients with brain and spinal cord injuries. What I really love about this internship is learning how much of an impact you can have in someone’s life. I want to be able to impact their lives and give them hope.”

After graduation, Matt plans to attend the University of South Florida to earn his graduate degree in Neurophysiology.