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CCC Becomes IFCA Member

On December 9, International Fundamental Churches of America (IFCA) Executive Director Les Lofquist officially welcomed President Stratton and Clearwater Christian College into their membership. Headquartered out of Grandville MI, the IFCA is a fellowship of churches, Christian schools, and Christian workers committed to Biblical ministry. Founded in 1930, IFCA has grown to over 1000 churches and 1200 Christian workers in the United States with many more across the world.

On joining IFCA, President Stratton states, “We are indeed grateful for this new relationship with the IFCA. The practical outworking of our Christian walk at Clearwater Christian College seems to mirror that of many IFCA churches. We look forward to supporting the IFCA through speaking and writing venues, and we are excited about sharing the opportunities for young people at CCC in many IFCA churches. We believe that this will be a strong, long-lasting relationship for many years to come.”

The goal of our membership in IFCA is to provide mutual ministry to one another helping grow the family of God through evangelism of the lost and the edification of believers through the local church.