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Students Accepted to Medical Programs

Amy Kiskaddon

Colton Jones
Academic Dean Mary Draper announced that two seniors and one recent graduate have recently been accepted into medical school starting in the fall of 2011. These include Amy Kiskaddon (’09-Music) who has been accepted to the College of Pharmacy and Health Services at Mercer University, the University of Colorado Doctorate of Pharmacy Program, and the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy; Amy’s brother Eric (’11-Pre-Med) to the University of Louisville medical school; and Bahamian resident Colton Jones (’11-Biology) to the American University of Antigua medical school.

Erik Kiskaddon
As an educational institution, CCC endeavors to give students the tools necessary for a successful vocational or ministerial career after college. Dr. Draper said, “The only education that prepares students for life and life’s changes is the liberal arts education. The broad-based subject areas of knowledge and critical thinking skills gained from this type of education aids graduates’ thinking even in vocational changes, such as a music major going to pharmacy graduate school. Add to that our Bible minor, and our students have a Biblical liberal arts education with biblical thinking to guide life wherever God leads.”

Deadlines for notification of acceptance for other seniors and recent CCC graduates are approaching soon and the College anticipates additional announcements in the near future.