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Clearwater Christian Moves Forward with New Master Plan

After years of discussion, consultation, and planning, Clearwater Christian College is moving forward with its Master Site Plan. With 138 acres adjacent to Old Tampa Bay, the College has defined a strategic plan that will maximize buildable property while preserving the natural beauty of the wetland areas that surround the campus.

This plan, developed with the help of environmental experts, allows for consolidation of developable property for the construction of much-needed campus buildings and dorm extensions, and provides usable land for the expansion of current athletic fields. Thus far, the plan has successfully passed through three of the anticipated governmental bodies and agencies that must approve it before any development can take place. Currently, no further campus development dates have been set.

One unique feature of this plan is to enrich the existing wetlands by increasing water circulation between the land-locked wetlands and the bay. The end result will not only enhance the environmental benefits of the existing wetlands, but also make them more habitable for wildlife while maintaining a clean ecosystem. This environmental renovation will greatly benefit the surrounding Tampa Bay community by providing an access to the improved wetlands.