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2013 Fall Arrival Information

The dates for student arrival are now available for all students attending Clearwater Christian College for the 2013 fall term.

The College plans various activities and events to help prepare students for life at CCC, to finalize registration concerns, and to renew or establish friendships before the rigors of classes begin. New students are encouraged to consult or download the New Student Arrival Manual below or contact the office of admissions should questions arise. Returning students should contact the office for student affairs with appropriate concerns.

Important Dates and Times - ALL STUDENTS

New Student Arrival Manual - NEW STUDENTS

The Guide (Student Handbook) - ALL STUDENTS

Opening Week Schedule - ALL STUDENTS

Textbook Purchase

Effective with the 2013 fall semester, students can purchase their course textbooks and
supplies through the vendors of their choice. Prior to each new term, the College will post a
textbook list that students must use to shop for textbooks on their own. In addition to the
various resources available in the public and online, students may use the College's online
partner, ESCO, to make their purchases. The textbook list for the upcoming term and the ESCO
instructio flyer are given below.