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Calendar of Events

Below is a calendar of events occurring during a given period. When provided, a link directing you to further information has been provided. Some links will provide event photos and blogs.

Spring 2011

January 10 Spring Semester Arrival
January 15 Homecoming and Alumni Baseball
January 17-20 Christian Life Conference
January 27-29 High School Basketball Tournament
January 31 and Feb. 1 Dr. John Whitcomb to Speak
February 10-11 Teacher Recruitment Conference
February 17-18 College Days
February 18 Parents'/Grandparents' Day
February 19 Colorado Reunion
February 24-26 NCCAA II Basketball Regionals
March 2 Bible Conference/
Seminary Recruitment Conference
March 4-5 Alumni Choir Reunion
March 5 Founders' Banquet
March 10-12 Women's Basketball Nationals
March 10-19 Italy Study Tour
March 12-19 Camp Grace Team
March 14-18 Spring Break
(Classes resume March 21, 8 a.m.)
March 24-25 Student Athlete Days
March 29 Viva La Opera
April 13-16 Spring Play - Flowers for Algernon
April 22-25 Easter Break
(Classes resume April 25, 6 p.m.)
April 28-30 Regional Baseball Tournament
May 2-5 Final Exams
May 6 Senior Day
May 7 Commencement (10:30 a.m.)


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