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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is planned giving?
A: Arranging a charitable gift as part of one's financial or estate planning is called planned giving.

Q: What are some of the gift options offered by Clearwater Christian College?
A: Gift options fall into three categories: outright gifts, life income gifts, and will bequests. Each gift has specific benefits for the donor.

Q: What is a Clearwater Christian College Charitable Trust?
A: One can create a trust by transferring ownership of an asset and naming the college as its final beneficiary. The trust is tax-exempt, so there are no capital gains taxes. Trusts are varied and flexible gift options.

Q: Why should one be interested in charitable trusts?
A: Both of these vehicles offer a way to create streams of income, diversify retirement investments, and receive significant tax advantages, while supporting the mission of the college at the same time.

Q: Are there tax advantages to these gift options?
A: Yes! The advantages include reduced income tax, reduced or eliminated capital gains tax, and an immediate income tax deduction.

Q: What planned giving options are best?
A: That depends upon one's particular circumstances. The college representatives are specially trained to examine and explain giving options. Their goal is to offer the best basis for an informed decision. They would be glad to set up an appointment with no cost or obligation.

Q: Do the College representatives offer other services?
A: Yes, they can extend individualized estate planning services, provide tax-impact studies, and assist in will and trust preparation -- all without cost or obligation.

Q: Will you send a high-pressure salesmen?
A: Absolutely not! Representatives of the college will always be courteous and sensitive to needs. They are here to support stewardship and will always comply with one's wishes.

Q: How can one learn more about the planned giving options available?
A: Send an e-mail to or call Clearwater Christian College at (727) 726-1153 ext. 638. We can send more information on each of our planned giving options, provide customized annuity calculations, and put individuals in touch with their College representative. This service is free.