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Veterans Assistance

Attention New Veterans!

As a Veteran of the United States Armed Services you may be eligible for certain educational benefits. Take time to investigate these with your regional VA office or the CCC Financial Aid contact. In addition, some students may be eligible for the same benefits as a result of the death or disability of a spouse or parent who served in the military. Here are the steps you must take to qualify for assistance while attending Clearwater Christian College:

  • Apply for admission to Clearwater Christian College.
  • Meet with a CCC academic counselor to determine your program of study.
  • Complete the appropriate application; (22-1990) is for Veteran's Benefits, (22-5490) is for the eligible dependent or spouse, and (22-1995) is for change of place. You may complete an application online at:
  • Be sure the financial aid office knows you are a VA student. Complete the CCC online Veterans Information Application.
  • Be prepared for a wait! It is not unusual that processing your first time application file can take up to 90 days. An additional 30-60 days may be required for completing your certification.
  • Know the rules.
    -If you take a class OUT OF PROGRAM, your certification will be delayed until you meet with your CCC academic advisor.
    -If you withdraw from a class you will be required to PAY BACK the money you receive from the VA. This bill is calculated from the last day of attendance.
    -You must inform the VA of all withdrawals.

Important Links / Veteran's Benefits

Contact Information

CCC: Mr. Ryan McNamara, 727-726-1153, ext. 214
VA: 1-888-442-4551

Ashley, a senior Bible major from Largo, Florida receives a number of different financial awards including the CCC Merit Award, the Christian Worker Scholarship, FRAG, and FSAG. After graduation she plans on following God's leading to the mission field of His choice. Ashley is a resident assistant in her dorm.

Ashley's Package
  Fall Spring Total
Pell Grant 2,750 2,750 5,500*
FSEOG 125 125 250*
FRAG 1,213 1,212 2,425
FSAG 550 500 1,050
CCC Merit Award 1,750 1,750 3,500
Christian Worker Scholarship 1,250 1,250 2,500
Total Awards 7,638 7,587 15,225
*federal award