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Jillian, a senior music education major from Riverview, Florida plans to use her CCC education on the mission field after graduation. "After I graduate," she said, "I want to eventually go to the mission field and start a home for orphaned and abandoned children and share with them the love of Christ." Jillian has learned that God provides everything we need; all we have to do is trust His plan. She is the recipient of several grants and scholarships including the Academic Competitiveness Grant, the CCC Founders Award, the Florida Medallion Scholarship, FRAG, and FSAG. more...

Jillian's Package
  Fall Spring Total
Pell Grant 2,700 2,700 5,400*
Academic Competitiveness Grant 650 650 1,300*
Florida Medallion Scholarship 1,880 1,128 3,008
FRAG 1,213 1,212 2,425
FSAG 550 500 1,050
Private Grant/Scholarship 500 500 1,000
Academic Scholarship 1,375 1,375 2,750
CCC Founders Award 1,750 1,750 3,500
Music Scholarship 1,250 1,250 2,500
Total Awards 11,868 11,065 22,933
*federal award