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Financial Aid

You can afford a private education!

Funding a private Christian education can seem expensive, but the value of a Clearwater Christian College education exceeds the benefits found at other institutions. Each Clearwater student is equipped academically and spiritually to live a uniquely transformed life and to impact the world for Christ. Our financial aid programs and staff are focused on helping you and your family make this important opportunity a reality. On these pages you will find more helpful information on the various scholarships, grants, and loans available at Clearwater. You can see what Clearwater really costs and access the financial aid forms you will need. Our best advice to you is to take the time to talk with our financial aid team to discuss your specific situation. Call us at (727) 726-1153, extension 214 to set up an appointment today.

Applying for Aid

Check out our tuition and fees, current programs, and award procedure, and take these steps to apply for financial aid to support you in your goal to attend Clearwater Christian College.

Questions? Contact us if we can help you with any questions you may have.





David is a Biology major that plans to seek employment in a pharmaceutical company and eventually pursue a pharmacy school after graduation from CCC. In addition to his full load of classes, David works in food preparation in Cathcart Dining Hall and is on the campus security force. "Although a large balance of my tuition still remains," he said, financial aid does greatly help with the costs of college."

David's Package
  Fall Spring Total
Academic Scholarship 1,375 1,375 2,750
CCC Founders Award 500 500 1,000
CCC Grant 875 875 1,750
Multiple Family Discount 375 375 750
AWANA Award 500 500 1,000
Subsidized Direct Loan 2,750 2,750 5,500*
Total Awards 6,375 6,375 12,750
* federal award