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On-Campus Recruitment Policy

This document defines the policies that direct the partnership of the Clearwater Christian College Office of Guidance and Career Services with Employers or Recruiters interested in contacting students and alumni through this office for the purpose of employment, internships, or service opportunities.
  1. Employers or Recruiters wishing to conduct On-Campus Recruiting Events (including, but not limited to, Recruiting Tables, Seminar Events, Career Fair Events, and On Campus Interviews) must contact the Office of Guidance and Career Services for permission and to schedule an appropriate date, time and location. These should be scheduled at least one week in advance of the date desired.

  2. Employers or Recruiters with up-front costs for students related to student employment or being considered for employment will NOT be scheduled for any on-campus recruiting event, or posted on the online job board. This includes, but is not limited to, membership fees, startup fees, fees for lessons, portfolios or placement fees, or the purchase of tools, samples, or sales kits.

  3. On-campus recruiting events cannot be combined with the marketing and/or sale of products or services to students.

  4. Employers scheduled for On-Campus Recruiting Tables must restrict all activities to the immediate vicinity of the table.

  5. Employers or Recruiters will park in areas directed by On-Campus Security at the main entrance.

  6. The college retains the right to demand recruiters vacate college property if they fail to comply with any of the policies or procedures outlined in this document or any other reasonable request from a college official.

  7. The Office of Career Services maintains an electronic job board of employment opportunities submitted by employers who have met the criteria set forth by Clearwater Christian College.

  8. All Employers desiring to post jobs and internships with the Office of Guidance and Career Services, must comply with both Clearwater Christian College's and the federal guidelines for equal employment opportunities, along with the Fair Labor Standards Act.

  9. No job postings, electronic or printed, will be accepted for employment related to working in an employer's home. This includes, but is not limited to, childcare, eldercare, housekeeping, and/or tutoring. These positions may be advertised through local newspapers or community resources.

  10. Third-party recruiters may only participate in on-campus recruiting or job posting if they disclose the client (company name) for whom the position is posted. This disclosure must be made to the Office of Guidance and Career Services staff, as well as to any potential applicants.

  11. The college retains the right to remove any job listing from the electronic job board services, without consulting or informing the employer who submitted the listing.

  12. Posters and flyers advertising employment opportunities for students must be approved by the Office of Guidance and Career Services prior to posting. Any employment notices or flyers posted or distributed on campus without approval will immediately be removed.

  13. The office of Career Services has the right to not post any employer's position at their discretion.

As a graduate of CCC, I was very prepared for work at the Master's level and in the professional fields. I found the transition into graduate school smooth from my undergraduate program. The program at CCC prepared me for the coursework on the graduate level, and I found myself ahead of many of my cohorts.

My education at Clearwater has taught me the value of integrity in the workplace and compassion for people. As I searched for positions within the school counseling field, I found employers valued my degree from CCC because they knew the college to be an institution of academic excellence and authenticity.

I know the Lord is using Clearwater Christian College as a place to train and prepare His people for use in His service whether it is in ministry or the professional workplace.