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This institution does not act as an employer, employment agency, or recruitment agency, nor on behalf of any employer, employment agency, or recruitment agency, but merely provides employment ads from those interested in hiring students and graduates from this institution as a benefit to our students. This institution makes no representation as to the reliability, accuracy, safety, or legality of such employment and will not be liable for any direct, indirect, or consequential loss arising from the use of such information. Further, this institution does not make any representation, endorsement or guarantee as to the quality, reliability, competency, accuracy, business practices/standards/ethics, or professionalism of any job advertiser. This institution does not conduct background checks or any other form of due diligence on any person or business posting job placement advertisements with us.

Automated web crawler programs cannot bypass this security measure and gain employment information because verification programs require active participation by a user. By using this method, CCC reduces the chances for outside agencies to access our specific job postings without permission.


Attention CCC Students and Alumni!
In addition to CCC's online job board, you also have access to detailed information for events/employers/jobs and internships that are shared in a central consortium system management called "Share eRecruiting" for the Colleges of Central Florida Career Consortium. View job opportunities on the "CCFCC Experience System." Please contact Career Services to obtain the token needed to create an account.