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Once you have decided your future career path and pursue the associated training, you may desire an internship. Some career tracks require an internship as part of your college program, but others need to be pursued outside of your academic department.

For internship opportunities, please click on the below links:

Intern Web

Internships for Students

Rising Star Internships - International Jobs and Internships

Some local internship opportunities posted through Career Services can be viewed on the Job Listings / Internships web page.

God led me to CCC. My parents had always placed an importance on getting a Christian education, and they sacrificed everything to make it happen. After visiting the campus in my senior year of high school, I knew CCC was where I needed to be. The faculty, the students, the location—all so wonderful.

The faculty and staff have made a positive influence upon my career. The principles that they talked about were the same that they lived by. That’s a challenge to me to do the same. Living and working in Washington D.C., Honesty, Integrity, and Generosity are principles not often displayed.

The education I received at CCC has prepared me for my career as Special Assistant to the Secretary of Energy by strengthening the biblical world view that my parents had already taught me. Your world view has a direct impact on so many aspects of your life. One focus that I took away from CCC was to make an impact where ever God led you. As a Pastor, in the business world, or in my case, in Government Service.