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Career Services

Looking for your next career or ministry? Ever wonder what job experience and education skills are required for certain jobs? The Career Services links provide general and specific search mechanisms for CCC students, alumni, and employers.

View current career opportunities including local full-time and part-time job openings posted through our Career Services department or research Internship Opportunities available to college students and recent graduates.

The College offers several on-campus services and events for students looking for vocational and career opportunities.

Employers may utilize our convenient form to post current employment needs. CCC students and alumni will be exposed to this tool in their search for careers and job opportunities.

As a graduate of CCC, I was very prepared for work at the Master's level and in the professional fields. I found the transition into graduate school smooth from my undergraduate program. The program at CCC prepared me for the coursework on the graduate level, and I found myself ahead of many of my cohorts.

My education at Clearwater has taught me the value of integrity in the workplace and compassion for people. As I searched for positions within the school counseling field, I found employers valued my degree from CCC because they knew the college to be an institution of academic excellence and authenticity.

I know the Lord is using Clearwater Christian College as a place to train and prepare His people for use in His service whether it is in ministry or the professional workplace.