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The key to a successful athletic program is coaches and assistants who know their sport, are in agreement with our philosophy, and desire to disciple young men and women. These individuals may have an impact on your life should you attend Clearwater Christian College and participate on one of our teams.

Athletic Staff Directory

Vickie Denny

Athletic Director; Women's Volleyball Coach
(727)726-1153, ext. 212

Samuel Greeley

Men's Soccer Coach
(727)726-1153, ext. 270

Mark Bates

Women's Soccer Coach
727)726-1153, ext. 229

Natalie Wilkinson

Women's Basketball Coach
(727)726-1153, ext. 207

Craig Wilsman

Men's Basketball Coach
(727)726-1153, ext. 602

Robert Rossiter

Men's Baseball Coach
(727)726-1153, ext. 242

Daryl Mullholand

Athletic Trainer
(727)726-1153, ext. 285

Cougar Spotlight

Playing basketball at Clearwater has been an amazing opportunity, because I have made so many great memories and great friends by being on the team. God has blessed me by being a part of the women's basketball team, because I get to be involved with a great group of girls that strive to honor and glorify God above all else. Playing basketball is so much fun, but it is also a great way to grow closer to God. The team has devotions every day before practice, and we all get to share with each other what God is doing in our lives. Whether we win or lose, the praise goes to God, and ultimately that is all that matters.