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Lights, Camera, Action!

For the first time ever, Clearwater Christian College held an evening soccer practice on campus… under lights! Thanks to the generous contributions of donors, CCC now has a full set of field lights—a wonderful addition to the growing athletic department. Dr. Stratton and several alumni came out to shoot a few goal kicks during the first night of practice under the lights.

Athletes and alumni know all too well that practicing in the intense heat and humidity is difficult at best. Sprints and drills take on a whole new level of conditioning in the heat of Tampa Bay, but now the Cougars will be able to practice in the evening—at a temperature that is much more conducive to the health and well-being of the athletes. The men’s and women’s soccer teams are thoroughly enjoying the new additions to their home field. Spectators will also appreciate the lights, as evening home games and practices will no longer need to be held at local parks and fields.

James Whitaker, Athletic Director, is thankful for the new field lights. He said, "The lights are a significant upgrade to our athletic facilities and will enable us to do a lot more certainly in the athletic department but also campus wide. Our players were thrilled to be able to practice under the lights for the first time on Tuesday night. This is a great step forward for our soccer programs and we thank God for the way He provided this need.”

The lights on the soccer field will not only benefit CCC athletic teams, but also campus life. No longer will events be restricted to indoor, evening events—the new lights open a world of possibilities!